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Think BIG! Event Planners Drive Traffic and Attract Attention with Custom Inflatables

Custom Inflatables Provide a WOW Factor at Events

It’s undeniable, custom inflatables drive traffic and attract attention to events in every market segment. Successful professionals in the event planning business use giant custom inflatables make them stand out in even the largest of events. When these event planners think BIG inflatables, they in turn get BIG crowds, BIG attention, and BIG results!

Memorable Events Start with Custom Inflatables

Planning a corporate event for hundreds of attendees? Try turning the company logo into a massive, inflatable billboard and hang it from the ceiling. Looking to increase the traffic to your non-profit race or sporting event? Try welcoming guests with a custom-themed inflatable archway. Marketing your newest beverage product at outdoor concerts? Turn your beverage bottle into a massive product replica. The custom inflatable choices are limitless!

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9 Best Places to Get Attention with Inflatable Archways

Inflatable Archways – Guaranteed Attention with Each Inflation

Custom inflatable archways create a unique visual and brand presence at racing events, festivals and community get-togethers. Whether you are planning a triathlon, a beach party or want more attention at your next trade show, custom arches are designed to deliver top-quality results by getting attention of large crowds instantly.

1. Running Events: Finish Arches Give a Professional Look to Marathons, 5k & 10k Events

Add excitement and branding to your next racing event with a custom inflatable archway. Custom designed and manufactured to fit the needs of your racing event. Inflatable arches can be used as start and finish lines, to help direct walking traffic from parking to the event and to gain attention during post-race festivities.

2. Tailgate Parties: Add Flair to Tailgating Parties with Event Arches
Behold, the tailgate party. The ideal place to promote your brand to sports-loving, supercharged men in an energetic environment. Get your brand into the game with custom inflatable archways. Seen from across parking lots and offering fun photo opportunities arches will keep your brand in the mind of party-goers long after the event

3. Bicycle Races & Cycling Events: Engage Cyclists with Finish Line Arches
Whether you’re looking to promote at a local or national cycling event, inflatable arches help you achieve maximum visibility. Custom-designed arches have ample space for sponsor banners that can be replaced and updated as needed. Easy to assemble, inflatable arches allow your brand to be seen by cycling participants, volunteers and crowds attending the event.

4. Beach Parties: Arches Add More Fun to Your Fun-in-the-Sun Events
Add fun décor to your beach party with a custom inflatable archway. Lightweight and easy to manage, archways can be inflated and set up in sand or poolside. They also increase attendance to your event with the sheer size screaming “The party’s over here!” to beach bums.

5. Block Parties: Custom Arches Increase Awareness to Community Events
Looking to bring attention and increase visitors to your next community event? Custom inflatable arches have got you covered. Not only will community members want to participate, local media will want a piece of your event as well. Inflatable arches make for a great photo opportunity as well as directing traffic in and out of your event with ease.

6. Trade Shows: Arches Welcome Visitors into Exhibit Spaces
Inflatable archways are a great way to attract attention, showcase a new product or welcome visitors to your trade show booth. Archways can be designed around your product replica or increase brand awareness with your company’s logo printed on the top and sides of the arch. Because they are easy to inflate, deflate, pack away and ship you wont have to worry about heavy equipment and wasting time putting your booth together.

7. Motorcycle Events & Rallies: Kick Biker Events in High Gear with Custom Arches
Think inflatable arches can only be used at racing events? Think again! Display them during a kick-off ceremony for your next motorcycle ride, rally or event. Custom inflatables can be designed with foundation or fundraising logos and messages to encourage donations at your motorcycle event.

8. Dog Parks: Inflatable Arches are Loved by Both Humans and Canines Alike
Does your business sponsor a local dog park? Reach out to the dog park members and the community and show your support with a custom inflatable archway. Inflatable arches with your business’s logo will welcome friendly pooches and their owners while also advertising your product or service!

9. Triathlons: Arches, Tents & Water Buoys are the Inflatable Trifecta of Tri-Events
When your goal is to benefit service and charity organizations, you have to put your best foot forward. Custom-designed inflatable arches are fully equipped to display banners on the top and sides for sponsors. Great for the start of each part of the triathlon, inflatable arches could also be used help guide athletes to the registration tables and increase attention to after-race parties.

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Inflatable Archway Increases Visibility for Oakland County Parks

Inflatable Case History Brief #L3095

Inflatable Archway for Oakland County Parks

Who: Oakland County Parks
What: Inflatable Archway
Where: 13 Parks in Southeast Michigan
When: Fall 2011
Why: To Increase Awareness for the City and Event Being Promoted
Inflatable Product Line:  Inflatable Archways

Looking to drawn in visitors to your next event? Oakland County Parks and Recreation Department created this customized inflatable archway to greet visitors at more than 13 different sponsored events throughout the year. The inflatable archway has increased visibility and traffic to events throughout Southeast Michigan.

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Inflatable Mascots Connect BIG TIME at On-Site Events

Inflatable Mascots Set

There’s No Denying The Power of Connecting with Corporate Mascots

Mascots give personality to brands, provide goodwill and create an instant connections with both kids and adults. Think quick: when I say “Tony the Tiger, the Pillsbury Dough Boy or the Serta Counting Sheep”, do you think of breakfast cereals, dinner rolls and mattresses? It shows just how well mascots can connect with audiences and become an icon for your brands.

Giant Inflatable Mascots: The Same Great Connection, Only BIGGER

By transforming your corporate mascot into a giant inflatable, you can leverage that connection at on-site events. Because giant inflatable mascots are recognizable and photogenic, they often create extra media attention as an added bonus.

Looking to connect with audiences at on-site events? Check out some of our favorite inflatable mascots in our online gallery or download our free eBook, Getting Started with Inflatable Mascots.




Creative Inflatables For Toy Industry Professionals

Regardless of Who Sees Them, Custom Inflatables Add Interest

Innovative marketing. Toy industry professionals know how important advanced, original and creative marketing can be for a successful campaign. Whether you plan to promote your current product at the Toy Fair in New York, introduce the hottest toy industry trend, or to amp up your marketing efforts; custom inflatables can add the spark you need!

Inflatables Make A Big Deal Out Of Your Brand!

Brands such as Leap Frog, Toys ‘R Us and Duncan have all used custom inflatables to build interest, increase brand awareness and add fun to marketing. We’ve gathered a collection of some of our favorite toy industry inflatables just for you!

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Texas Radio Station Uses Inflatable Logo to Draw Crowds

Inflatable Case History Brief #L1023

Inflatable Logo for KROX FM in Austin, Texas

Who: KROX FM Radio Station
What: Inflatable ‘X’ Logo
Where: Live Broadcasts, Concerts, Sporting Events
When: Winter 2003
Why: To Add Visual Interest And Attract Crowds
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

KROX FM, an Austin, Texas based radio station wanted to increase crowds and add visual interest to the events they participate in. With their inflatable ‘X’ logo the radio station was able to amp up their presence at any event. Using their inflatable the radio station was continually booked for future events.

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Stand Out From The Crowd! Inflatable Kiosks and Money Machines Add Excitement to Events

Memorable Events & Expos Start with a Great Environment

Exciting and welcoming, inflatable kiosks are uniquely designed to grab attention of those attending. Inflatable kiosks are commonly used to serve food/beverages, hand out samples, enroll attendees in programs and even sign up visitors for services.

Who Loves Money? The Real Question is Who DOESN’T Love Money?

Nothing captures attention during events more than free money whirling about. Contestants jump into the inflatable money machines and can snag cash, coupons or tickets during an allotted amount of time while crowds watch in excitement.

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Looking for a Creative Way to Drive Traffic to Your Grand Opening? (How about 70 of Them?)

Attention: Successful Grand Openings Ahead with Custom Inflatables!

A successful grand opening can make or break a business’ success; it can often be the difference between thriving or closing the doors. Need some ideas to get your event off on the right foot? We’ve compiled a photo set of our 70 favorite grand opening inflatables, just for you!

Create an Unforgettable First Impression with Custom Inflatables!

We have a variety of inflatable options to attract the attention your business deserves. Some of the more commonly used inflatables at grand openings include: mascots, product replicas, hot air shapes, and helium blimps, but the options are endless! At Landmark Creations, we always love a challenge and invite you to get creative.

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