Case History Briefs

1st National Bank Uses Inflatable Helium Blimp to Reinforce Brand

Inflatable Case History Brief #H0040

Helium Blimp for 1st National Bank

Who: 1st National Bank
What: Inflatable Helium Blimp
Where: 1st National Bank in Henning, Minnesota
When: Summer 2005
Why: To Reinforce Their Brand and Stand Out
Inflatable Product Line: Helium Blimps

1st National wanted to gain brand recognition for their bank with a custom inflatable.  The helium blimp flew above their Henning, Minnesota bank branch and was seen for miles around.

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Inflatable Christian Academy of Knoxville Football Helmet Gets Fans Excited for Football

Trojan Sports TunnelInflatable Case History Brief #L2661

CAK Warriors Football Helmet Inflatable

Who: Christian Academy of Knoxville
What: Inflatable Warriors helmet
Where: Knoxville, TN
When: Fall 2010
Why: CAK wanted an inflatable warrior tunnel to create excitement at football games.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Football Helmets

Christian Academy of Knoxville wanted to create an exciting atmosphere for the team, students, fans, and impress visitors.  They wanted the most impressive and unique design they could find and they certainly got it.

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Ivar’s Restaurants Uses a Dancing Clam Inflatable for Visibility and Grand Openings

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2878

Ivar’s Giant Inflatable Clam Mascot

Who: Ivar’s, Inc.
What: Inflatable clam mascot
Where: Ivar’s Restaurant Locations, Washington State
When: Spring 2011
Why: Improve visibility for current locations and grand openings.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Mascots

Ivar’s initially used their inflatable dancing clam on the rooftop for the grand opening of their 25th locations, but they plan to use it for other community events.

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Volt Edge Inflatable Battery Makes a Huge Impact at Many Venues

Inflatable Battery ReplicaInflatable Case History Brief #L2807

Volt Edge Logo Inflatable Battery

Who: FVP
What: Inflatable battery replica
Where: trade shows, community events, sporting events
When: Winter 2010
Why: FVP created this inflatable battery to make a visual impact at many different types of events.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Product Replicas

FVP wanted to increase brand awareness at events and, by recovering their older inflatable product replica of a battery, they were able to do so easily and effectively.  Referred by their sister company, they were confident they could reach their goals using an inflatable.

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Affy Tapple Stands Out at Events With Inflatable Logo and Mascot

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2108

Affy Tapple Inflatable Mascot Logo

Who: Affy Tapple
What: Affy Tapple Mascot Logo
Where: Chicago, IL
When: Fall 2008
Why: Affy Tapple wanted to stand out at events and promote their factory store.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

In order to improve foot traffic at events and increase sales, Affy Tapple created not only a mascot, Affy Man, but an inflatable logo to go with him.  They use their inflatable logo at events and fundraisers to increase sales and gain media attention.

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Faribault Foods Creates Inflatable Canned Corn Replica to Gain Community Awareness

Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn CanInflatable Case History Brief #L2214

Faribault Foods Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn Can

Who: Faribault Foods, Inc
What: Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn Can
Where: Butter Kernel used this inflatable at the “Fresh New Taste of Spring” marketing tour, sporting event food drives, sampling events, and sponsorships.
When: Summer 2009
Why: It will be used to establish and improve presence at events to create a community connection.
Inflatable Product Line: Product Replicas

Faribault Foods used an inflatable product replica of a can of Butter Kernel Corn to improve visibility at multiple events.  They were able to transport their inflatable across the Midwest easily to create a connection with communities by drawing in large crowds.

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Hot Stuff Foods Generates Business with Inflatable Logo

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2755

Hot Stuff Foods Logo

Who: Hot Stuff Foods
What: Inflatable Hot Stuff Foods Logo
Where: The inflatables were used at their franchise locations.
When: Fall 2010
Why: Hot Stuff wanted to generate sales by advertising at retailers that already sold their products.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

Hot Stuff Foods created eight inflatable logos to use at stores that sell their pizza and sandwiches.  Since it’s easy to set up and is very mobile, this promotional inflatable is the perfect advertising tool to draw in hungry crowds!

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Artist Broc Blegen Creates a George W. Bush Inflatable Caricature

George-Bush-StatueInflatable Case History Brief #L2129

Inflatable George Bush Caricature Statue

Who: Broc Blegan, Truth
What: George Bush Inflatable Statue
Where: Washington, DC
When: The statue was originally unveiled on President Obama’s Inauguration Day – January 20, 2009.
Why: Blegan wanted to pay homage to President George W. Bush.
Product Line: Inflatable Caricatures

Broc Blegan wanted to create something to pay tribute to George W. Bush, but he needed something that could be set up in minutes.  An inflatable caricature statue was the right fit for his short timeline and tight budget.

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