Cailtin Smith is a vital team member at Landmark Creations. From her upfront work in communicating with clients to behind-the-scenes marketing efforts, she boosts the effectiveness of Landmark's PR and social media campaigns every day. The poster child for inflatables (literally), Caitlin can be seen in many of our product photos. Whether hosting Twitter chats or generating innovative social and PR ideas, Caitlin keeps Landmark Creations out front and noticeable.

Stand Out From The Crowd! Inflatable Kiosks and Money Machines Add Excitement to Events

Memorable Events & Expos Start with a Great Environment

Exciting and welcoming, inflatable kiosks are uniquely designed to grab attention of those attending. Inflatable kiosks are commonly used to serve food/beverages, hand out samples, enroll attendees in programs and even sign up visitors for services.

Who Loves Money? The Real Question is Who DOESN’T Love Money?

Nothing captures attention during events more than free money whirling about. Contestants jump into the inflatable money machines and can snag cash, coupons or tickets during an allotted amount of time while crowds watch in excitement.

Download Cash Booths eBookInterested in adding a custom inflatable to your next event?  Download our free eBook: Getting Started with Inflatable Cash Booths or contact Landmark today to discuss more event marketing ideas!

1st National Bank Uses Inflatable Helium Blimp to Reinforce Brand

Inflatable Case History Brief #H0040

Helium Blimp for 1st National Bank

Who: 1st National Bank
What: Inflatable Helium Blimp
Where: 1st National Bank in Henning, Minnesota
When: Summer 2005
Why: To Reinforce Their Brand and Stand Out
Inflatable Product Line: Helium Blimps

1st National wanted to gain brand recognition for their bank with a custom inflatable.  The helium blimp flew above their Henning, Minnesota bank branch and was seen for miles around.

Download Getting Started with Custom Inflatables, our free eBook, for more ideas to get your business recognized.

Festive Inflatables for Professional-Grade Holiday Promotions

Not Your Neighbor’s Lawn Inflatables – Top Notch Inflatables For Business Promotions

Every holiday season, as tweeters ramp up their snarky comments about the “Grizwolds” next door, we brace ourselves for the stream of requests for holiday inflatables. While we happily manufacture “professional-grade” holiday inflatables for a number of promoters every year, we do not carry the consumer-grade (yard) inflatables found in discount stores. But how can you tell if a professional-grade inflatable is right for your promotion, you ask?

You Might Need a Professional-Grade Inflatable for Your Holiday Promotion If:

  1. You’re looking for a shape that is larger than 10’.
  2. You want a custom character or shape for your events.
  3. Brand consistency is important to your holiday promotions.
  4. Your inflatable has to last for more than one event / season.

Professional-grade inflatables can be used indoors or out. They typically allow ample room for custom messages and are natural location devices. Whether your business is offering a special holiday package, extra discounts, or launching a new product – you are sure to attract more attention and sales this holiday season by using custom inflatables.

Looking for a custom-designed inflatable to promote your business? Browse our holiday promotions gallery for even more great ideas.

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Inflatable Christian Academy of Knoxville Football Helmet Gets Fans Excited for Football

Trojan Sports TunnelInflatable Case History Brief #L2661

CAK Warriors Football Helmet Inflatable

Who: Christian Academy of Knoxville
What: Inflatable Warriors helmet
Where: Knoxville, TN
When: Fall 2010
Why: CAK wanted an inflatable warrior tunnel to create excitement at football games.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Football Helmets

Christian Academy of Knoxville wanted to create an exciting atmosphere for the team, students, fans, and impress visitors.  They wanted the most impressive and unique design they could find and they certainly got it.

Inflatable football helmets and tunnels can create an exciting game for your school too. Find more inspiration and download our free eBook, Getting Started with Custom Inflatables.

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Looking for a Creative Way to Drive Traffic to Your Grand Opening? (How about 70 of Them?)

Attention: Successful Grand Openings Ahead with Custom Inflatables!

A successful grand opening can make or break a business’ success; it can often be the difference between thriving or closing the doors. Need some ideas to get your event off on the right foot? We’ve compiled a photo set of our 70 favorite grand opening inflatables, just for you!

Create an Unforgettable First Impression with Custom Inflatables!

We have a variety of inflatable options to attract the attention your business deserves. Some of the more commonly used inflatables at grand openings include: mascots, product replicas, hot air shapes, and helium blimps, but the options are endless! At Landmark Creations, we always love a challenge and invite you to get creative.

Want to learn more about using custom inflatables for grand openings? Contact us today for a free estimate!

Ivar’s Restaurants Uses a Dancing Clam Inflatable for Visibility and Grand Openings

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2878

Ivar’s Giant Inflatable Clam Mascot

Who: Ivar’s, Inc.
What: Inflatable clam mascot
Where: Ivar’s Restaurant Locations, Washington State
When: Spring 2011
Why: Improve visibility for current locations and grand openings.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Mascots

Ivar’s initially used their inflatable dancing clam on the rooftop for the grand opening of their 25th locations, but they plan to use it for other community events.

Download our free eBook, Getting Started with Inflatable Mascots, to see how you can use an inflatable mascot for visibility, promotions, and events.

What a Delicious Idea! Restaurant Inflatables that Look Good Enough to Eat.

Who Is Hungry for Successful Promotions? 

From inflatable costumes to product replicas, restaurant marketers have used a variety of creative inflatables in their promotions. Quick-service restaurants (QSRs), corner coffee shops, and sandwich companies have all experienced the benefits of using giant, custom-made inflatables at their grand openings and local marketing events.

Pigs and Chickens and Subs – Oh My!

Custom inflatables will not only help your restaurant stand out from the crowd, they’ll also increase brand recognition and traffic. Try a massive food or drink cup replica or a friendly inflatable mascot to welcome customers to a new location. Any way you slice it, giant custom inflatables are a tasty way to attract attention to your restaurant and increase sales.

Contact us today to get some fresh ideas for your next restaurant promotion!

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Volt Edge Inflatable Battery Makes a Huge Impact at Many Venues

Inflatable Battery ReplicaInflatable Case History Brief #L2807

Volt Edge Logo Inflatable Battery

Who: FVP
What: Inflatable battery replica
Where: trade shows, community events, sporting events
When: Winter 2010
Why: FVP created this inflatable battery to make a visual impact at many different types of events.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Product Replicas

FVP wanted to increase brand awareness at events and, by recovering their older inflatable product replica of a battery, they were able to do so easily and effectively.  Referred by their sister company, they were confident they could reach their goals using an inflatable.

Download Getting Started with Inflatables, our free eBook, for more ideas about using inflatables to get noticed at events around your community.

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