Six Hot Inflatable Ideas for Your Product Launch Event

Product Launch EventsIt’s your job to constantly crank out new, creative ideas for event marketing which is not an easy task! If you have a product launch on the schedule, think inflatables. These giant wonders will spice up your next event in a variety of unique ways that are all but guaranteed to get noticed. Check out our handy table to easily see which inflatables we recommend for the hottest product launch events right now. From flash mobs to trade shows, the options are endless, but these are our favorites.

Still brainstorming your event details? Here are six product launch ideas to get your creativity flowing:

1. A sampling event is ideal to promote food and beverages, because it allows potential customers to interact with your product. From small in-store tastings to large private parties, sampling events always need to impress. Some ideas: use an inflatable costume to hand out coupons or freebies or a 20-foot replica for photo ops.

2. Preview launches create hype before the product is officially launched to the general public. Invite influencers and stakeholders, and make it easy for them to write, blog, tweet, or post their rave reviews and photos by having impressive inflatable displays and inflatable giveaways.

3. Go viral on social media with the hippest way to promote anything: a flash mob! Music, dancing, and visual stimulation are perfect for getting  attention and spreading your message.  Use inflatable costumes to brand your mob, upload the awesome video to your social media sites, and no one will be able to stop watching.

4. Pop-up exhibits are everywhere right now because they are economical and can be used at many different locations and even different events. Use inflatables as part of your exhibit’s structure, like an inflatable tent or arch, or use for great visibility, such as an inflatable product replica.

5. Like, pop-up exhibits, hybrid events can be economical too. Typically, it’s a traditional event that utilizes technology tactics to incorporate people from different locations such as video streaming, social media, or webinars. Custom inflatables work perfectly to be seen in person, but also through different digital mediums because they are giant, colorful, and can have your logos all over them.

6. The trade show product launch is classic. For particular industries, it’s the best way to be seen by the important people, but it also means you need to have a stellar set up and an eye-catching booth. There are many options to incorporate inflatables depending on the size of your booth and the effect you want.

Not seeing your event here? Have questions? We’d love to discuss your event marketing or product launch ideas and how to kick it up a notch  with custom inflatables. Contact us today.

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Grab a Cup of Java and Check Out Our Giant Coffee Cup Inflatables

After last week’s cocktail hour inflatable photo set, you might be reaching for a huge, steamy cup of coffee. You’re in luck because we’ve made a lot of them! Coffee cup inflatables have been created as costumes at coffee stands, as inflatable kiosks to hand out samples and giant replicas to promote new coffee products or gain visibility at new shoppe locations. With so many great inflatable coffee cup options, you’ll need a triple shot latte just to sort through all of them!

Affy Tapple Stands Out at Events With Inflatable Logo and Mascot

Inflatable Case History Brief #L2108

Affy Tapple Inflatable Mascot Logo

Who: Affy Tapple
What: Affy Tapple Mascot Logo
Where: Chicago, IL
When: Fall 2008
Why: Affy Tapple wanted to stand out at events and promote their factory store.
Inflatable Product Line: Inflatable Logos

In order to improve foot traffic at events and increase sales, Affy Tapple created not only a mascot, Affy Man, but an inflatable logo to go with him.  They use their inflatable logo at events and fundraisers to increase sales and gain media attention.

Download our free eBook, Getting Started with Inflatables, for more ideas of how to inflate your logo.

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere! Celebrating Cocktail Hour with Landmark: Wine, Beer & Spirits Inflatable Product Replicas

Beer, Wine, Spirits InflatablesWhether you’re a microbrewery, a Napa Valley wine distributor, or a top shelf liquor manufacturer, an inflatable product replica can help advertise your beverage.  All of these companies would attest that inflatable replicas will match your product perfectly, look professional, and are a great, visible marketing tool.  What you don’t see is that they are mobile, easy to set up, and can last for many years – even through a rebrand.

Contact Landmark today to discuss more beverage marketing ideas.

Faribault Foods Creates Inflatable Canned Corn Replica to Gain Community Awareness

Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn CanInflatable Case History Brief #L2214

Faribault Foods Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn Can

Who: Faribault Foods, Inc
What: Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn Can
Where: Butter Kernel used this inflatable at the “Fresh New Taste of Spring” marketing tour, sporting event food drives, sampling events, and sponsorships.
When: Summer 2009
Why: It will be used to establish and improve presence at events to create a community connection.
Inflatable Product Line: Product Replicas

Faribault Foods used an inflatable product replica of a can of Butter Kernel Corn to improve visibility at multiple events.  They were able to transport their inflatable across the Midwest easily to create a connection with communities by drawing in large crowds.

Think an inflatable product replica could improve your visibility? Download our free eBook for more ideas!

Three Ways to Repackage Your Custom Inflatable

Inflatable Products Repackaged


Wednesday we shared a slideshow of Wheaties’ inflatable cereal box redesigns and were amazed to count 15 in all!  Promoting the hottest athletes of the day, Wheaties’ cereal boxes change regularly and they need to sync the look of their giant inflatable to keep a unified message at events and promotions.

When you’re planning the purchase of a custom inflatable, think about its future and what changes you might need to make down the road.  While you can often alter an existing inflatable, you’ll save time and frustration if you plan for repackaging up front.

3 Ways to Design an Inflatable that will Sync with Future Product Repackaging:

1. Use removable banners: Using giant product replicas at events is a great way to get brand remembrance. If you use inflatables at mulitple events, removable banners allow you to change sponsors messaging and logos as often as you like.

2. Design an inflatable with a removable “slip cover”:  Like Wheaties, most companies change their product packaging periodically. We can design an inflatable that can be recovered to match your new packaging. You can reuse your existing fan system, hardware and internal structure.

3. Save your hardware, and create an entirely new inflatable: If you are rebranding and your product design or packaging will change drastically, you can still save money by designing your new inflatable product replica to fit with your current hardware and blower system.

Own a custom inflatable that needs repackaging, or thinking of purchasing a new one? Contact Landmark today.

15 Giant Inflatable Wheaties Boxes in One

Inflatable Cereal Boxes Perfect for Promotions

Since 1939, Wheaties has featured over 140 different athletic champions on their cereal boxes. In the photos above, you can see how Wheaties was able to re-cover their inflatable product replica 15 times – and counting – to coordinate with their current cereal boxes and promotions at live events. Are you in charge of promoting a product that is likely to have future repackaging? Take a page out of the Wheaties’ playbook and design inflatables that can be re-covered. Because re-covered inflatables use the same internal material and installation hardware, they cost considerably less than purchasing a brand-new inflatable system.

Want to learn more about designing an inflatable product replica that can be re-covered? Contact us today.