How to Offset the Cost of Inflatable Sports Tunnels & Helmets

It’s thrilling to watch your team burst onto the field through a custom inflatable sports tunnel. But many athletic departments and booster clubs miss out because they focus on the price tag of an inflatable sports tunnel without understanding just how easy it is to offset the overall cost.

So how can booster clubs and sports athletic departments offset the costs of inflatable tunnel ownership (and even create a profit-center for their team)? Sponsorship options and creative fundraisers!

Cha-Ching! Generate Revenue By Selling Advertisement Space on Your Inflatable Tunnel

Local businesses will happily purchase advertisement space (typically as banner placements). This comes as no surprise considering that stadiums are typically filled with fans watching the inflatable tunnel with pure anticipation before the team comes roaring onto the field. This undivided attention is what business owners will bend over backwards for – and – what will help your team gain some serious revenue!

Choosing to sell advertising and banner space on your inflatable tunnel or helmet means that over time you cannot only offset the purchase cost of the tunnel, but generate additional revenue for the athletic department and booster club.

Crank Up Your Fundraising Efforts – Inflatable Tunnels Double as Location Devices

Step away from door-to-door fundraising. Instead, attract crowds by inflating your custom-designed sports tunnel at car washes and Christmas tree sales.

Why not inflate your sports tunnel at civic events, fairs and festivals? The inflatable tunnel will help attract attention while your team sells raffle tickets or athletic t-shirts to community members.

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